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As we continue talking to the cast members of the anticipated stage play Soul Purpose, Today’s Purpose Woman chats with VirLinda Stanton, a national recording artist, actress and speaker from Tyler, TX.  She plays the understudy for the character Elizabeth a 1st Lady in the play.

Soul Purpose, tells the story of five strong and powerful African-American women from different walks of life that through an unexpected sisterhood, they develop an unbreakable spiritual bond.

Q: What does SOUL PURPOSE mean to you and what was it that made you want to audition to be part of the SOUL PURPOSE stage play?

Soul Purpose, to me, is first finding out who I am and what God has in store for my life. Understanding why and what it is (my gifts and talents), God has bestowed upon me and how He wants to use me. Then, knowing that I’ve been given the Authority to fulfill my purpose. When you know your destiny, your life has purpose.

I wanted to audition for this play because when I read the synopsis and how it talks about 5 Strong Black Women from different walks of life that built relationships developing a Spiritual Bond, I immediately connected; it’s about the message that is so Powerful, and I said that “I have to be involved with this!” Then, being raised by 3 Strong Independent Black Women, my great grandma, grandma, and my mother and my life’s journey I could surely relate. My GiGi didn’t get past 3rd grade; her mother died when she was a baby, siblings raising each other while daddy tended to the family needs. Me being taught early on to believe in God, have faith, build relationships where there is a Spiritual connection and trust only in God to give me the desires of my heart. This is what connected me to Soul Purpose; it’s part of the plan, and there’s Power is each of our stories.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your character.

Character Name – Elizabeth (she’s the First Lady and one of the founders of the church). Her husband is Pastor Darnell, and she has a son, Joshua.

Her personality is loving, sweet, funny, kind, a little outspoken (bold), a prayer warrior, and very observant.

Some issues she’s facing is that she is being challenged and torn between her husband and her son who chose to live an alternative lifestyle. Because she’s a spirit-filled woman, she really struggles with her husband’s behavior, but never turns her back on her son.

Q: What’s rehearsal like for you?

Rehearsal is Powerful, unified, full of compassion. Our rehearsals are so Amazing; they often turn into worship! Let me just say that God has brought together an anointed, phenomenal creative team of God-fearing women to bring forth such a powerful message and production. Also, the cast both the women and men were chosen for this because it was ordered. The unity, the love, the inspiration each one gives to another is mind-blowing. The Holy Spirit just fills the place and the anointing flows. We laugh, we cry, we shout and give thanks and eat, hallelujah! And when I say the message behind (all) of the original music written by: Syleria Skinner is so powerful and relatable, it really is. We are going on, giving our all to what is about to come.


Q: Is there anything about your character you personally can relate to?

Absolutely, I relate to being a woman of God, our beliefs, prayer warrior, faith believer and faith walker, I’m very Bold, love and trust in God and Being In Christ. No matter how people treat me, I still love them, but feed some with a long handle spoon. The same unconditional love that Elizabeth has for her son, I have with my daughter, my 2 grandkids, and family. I love them unconditionally; no matter what we go through, I am going to love them unconditionally! I will never turn my back on them. I am still a work in progress on having that same unconditional love for the people of the world; just continue to pray for more growth in my walk. But my desire to serve God and wanting to be like Him, I want to continue to please Him and serve my purpose and bring Peace in the midst of any storm. So, I really can relate to everything about my character.

Q: What message are you hoping your character will send to the audience?

I’m hoping that sends the message that they are loved. Love, it’s okay to love yourself and everyone else. And to know that God’s Love never changes; whoever will receive God’s love will receive His power. God loved us unconditionally. Know that you’re going to be okay, no matter what storms come your way. Be in Christ, be like Him, love like He loves us unconditionally no matter what. To gain the Boldness of God and say here I am Lord, You chose and empowered me. Take me and show me my purpose. Therefore, I step out on the strength of your Word, and He’ll see to it that His Word will not return to Him void. I want the people to know that they have the Authority to do whatever their heart desires. Find your Destiny, understand why and what it is. Once you know your purpose, the hard part is to keep your focus on those things that enable you to finish your race and avoid those things that distract you from your destiny. When you know your destiny, your life has a purpose. Amen.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be in the audience.

SOUL PURPOSE will be performing at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc. at 1309 Canton St, Dallas Texas from April 27 to April 29 at 7 PM daily.


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